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How it works

Create stronger brand partnerships 🀝

Brands & Creators that align with each other past the surface level are much more likely to create successful long standing partnerships. Interacting with each other and sharing your interests or areas of expertise may even attract brands/creators that are out of your niche, but could be beneficial to all involved!Β Β 

Content Creators & Influencers πŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸ’»

Get paid for creating dynamic & engaging content! Content Creators & Influencers can easily find brand sponsorships & offer their services. Are you a photographer? Teacher? Gamer? Videographer? Graphic Designer? No matter your skill, your content can be valuable.

Athletes & Sports Organizations πŸ„β€β™€οΈ

It’s no surprise that Athlete marketing has some of the strongest ROI for brands. Professional action sports athletes & classic sport athletes alike can offer multiple unique ways of promoting brand sponsorships within their niche & audience.

Find Newsletter Sponsors at Sponsora. Sponsorship Marketplace & Social Network. Find Sponsors for your Newsletter, Website, Blog and More

Newsletters, Blogs & Websites πŸ“°

In a day where newsletters have higher valuations than tech startups, it’s safe to say that newsletters are HOTπŸ”₯ Easily monetize your newsletter with sponsored posts from companies & brands your audience may find helpful.

Have a website or popular blog but don’t want to depend on PPC ads? Find private brands to sponsor your posts instead!

Podcasts & Live StreamersπŸŽ™

With over 130 million active podcast listeners in the US alone, podcast sponsorships are some of the most sought after verticals for brands. Whether you have a finance podcast, a dating podcast, or anything in between, you can find podcast sponsorships & even more listeners here on Sponsora

Find Podcast Sponsors at Sponsora. Sponsorship Marketplace & Social Network. Find Live Streaming Sponsors for Twitch Streamers, Youtube Streamers, Gamers and more.
Find Event Sponsors at Sponsora. Sponsorship Marketplace & Social Network.

Events & Event Organizers 🎟

Are you an event organizer looking for event sponsorships? Events such as concerts, business cohorts or summits, meetups, festivals, sporting events & others can find brands to help bring their event to fruition. 

Need products & not funding? No problem! Easily let brands know what you’re looking for!

Creators of all sizes welcome! πŸ™Œ

Gone are the days of needing to be a super influencer to secure brand deals. In recent years, smaller creators with a connected & engaged audience generate higher ROI’s for brands than those with millions of followers.

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Estimated Creator Content Industry valuation by 2030

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of medium & large businesses report using content marketing

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Customers more likely to purchase from a micro influencer (1k-100k followers)

Ready to get started as a Creator?

Ready to get started as a Creator?

Start connecting with your favorite brands & other like-minded creators

Frequently Asked Questions

For Creators

Nope! You can cancel, deactivate or downgrade whenever. If you downgrade from Pro to Lite, only one of your listings can stay live.Β 

There is also a “Deactivate Account” option that cancels payments and deactivates your listings, but does not delete your data so you can come back within a year* and pick up where you left off!

*subject to changes

We try to have creators finish orders as soon as possible or in the terms that you agreed to with the brand.

This will depend on if the brand is shipping you a physical product or not, if you’re a newsletter with a backedup order log, future event, etc. We encourage you to only have active listings if you can finish your service in a satisfactory amount of time.

If you receive multiple low-rated reviews from brands for your turnaround time, we may have to do an account review for your profile which may result in delayed payouts or termination.

Sponsora uses Stripe for payment processing & automated payouts. Stripe also Verifies Creator identity to prevent against fraud. Your tax information (1099) will be in your Stripe Dashboard, all automated by Stripe.

You must have a Stripe account in current good standing in order to be paid out. If you do not have a Stripe account, you can create one in your account area after you register.

Please contact us if you need another payment processor & we may be able to help.

Stripe handles payment automatically, from the time the brand completes checkout with your listing. We place an automated hold on funds for 3-7 days (subject to change) to confirm that you are working on your brand promotion.

After this hold, funds are automatically available in your Stripe account & then ready for direct deposit same day or within 1-7 days depending on your Stripe account standing.

We now have a free tier for Creators! Free accounts have slightly extended vetting & approval times. If your account is not active or verifiable within 1 month of signup, your account may be deleted.

We offer creators small subscriptions for 2 main reasons.

1. Combat against spam/fraud

2. Only attract motivated & consistent talent

We believe in quality over quantity.Β 

It’s true that *similiar* platforms have free creator plans. Unfortunately, it’s always a matter of time before those platforms get overrun by scammers, spammers, and junk accounts. As a business, this makes the platform near useless.

As a creator, these spammers get in the way of your posts and dilute the platform as a whole. Sponsora aims to create an active ecosystem that’s moderated, updated & engaging. Not one that dwindles to nothing but cryptocurrency mining scam posts.

Sponsora aims to provide a wide gamut of talent and brands. That being said, we have a few main categories for creators, like Newsletters, Event Organizers, Athletes, Websites, and Podcasts. Most talents find that the “Content Creator” category is nearly all inclusive, regardless of specific niche. If you don’t know where you fit, selecting “Content Creator” is perfectly okay πŸ™‚

This includes creators for almost any imaginable niche like CBD/Cannabis Brands, Alcohol,Β  Consumer Brands, Aerospace, Technology & Software, Agriculture, Music, Fashion, Crypto & Finance, etc.

We do accept Adult (18 & 21+) Creator partnerships as well!Β 

We give brands the ability to contact you for inquiry before placing an order, and we highly recommend they do so unless they know for sure that you will work with them.

Brands may also request a quote from you that details more information about their proposition. You can then reject or accept these requests.

Creators may contact Sponsora at any time if you need help with cancelling an order.

Yes! Please just explicitly explain in your listing that you are offering an expiring post & how the expiration works. You will also need to document proof of completion via a screenshot or have the brand approve that they saw the post.

You may also reach out to the Sponsora team to review the order to make sure it was satisfactory.

Sponsora was built to craft stronger brand partnerships that focuses on creators & publishers first. As a brand, cutting through the noise of social media to find vetted promoters is a tiring process. Collecting emails, sending emails, waiting for responses, getting no responses, etc. can be frustrating and disheartening for smaller brands. The same is also true for creators contacting brands.

Sponsora gives brands access to niche specific creators & social tools to help better collaborate with their ambassadors. We turned the back-and-forth sponsorship process into an e-commerce & social network platform instead.

With the rise of micro influencer marketing, you don’t need to have 1 million followers to create a side income with your social media following. We accept small brands and large conglomerates to make finding a brand sponsorship easy for creators & talent of all sizes.

Yup! With the Agency plan, you’ll enjoy up to 250 active listings, our lowest commission tier, included in our marketing, hand picked for brands, see who viewed your profile, and everything else included in Pro. Agency is great for social media & talent agencies that manage multiple creators, gaming organizations & teams, sports teams & managers, etc.